SuiteCRM Email Setting

SuiteCRM Email Setting

1.     Log on to the SuitCRM using Admin Account2.     After login to the SuitCRM click on the Admin menu under the user menu as shown below

3.     After click on the Admin the system will redirect into following screen.

4.     From the Above screen Click on the Email Setting, after click on the Email setting system will redirect into following screen.

5.     Based on the  Godaddy Email server setting update the above screen.(Sample godaddy email setting showed below)

6.     Updated  Godaddy Non-SSL Settings(Non Recommended)  shown below.

7.     After updating the Email setting, click on the “send test email” button on the above screen. After click on the send test email button the following popup screen will display.

8.     Enter your email address for notification, after enter the email address click on the send button as shown below.

9.     After click on the send button the following message will display.

10.  Test Email was received successfully as shown below

11.  Now you can use SuitCRM email activity module to send an email to client.

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