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This article is about Salesforce Search Options.

To help you find the information you need as quickly as possible, there are multiple Search options available to you in Salesforce.  The most obvious one is the Global Search Bar which remains visible on every page and record you view.

When you type a search term in the Global Search box, all record types which contain your search term are returned and are conveniently grouped by Object [1].

Tip: you can customize your search results by “pinning” your most used Objects to the top of the Search Results area.  To do this, click the pin icon to the right of the Object name and select Pin to top.  You can remove the Pin by clicking the Pin icon again and selecting Unpin.

If you want to filter the results further, you can add additional options to limit the search to items you own, or limit the search to exact phrases by clicking the Options link to the right of the Search box.

Your Org’s Salesforce Admin is able to customize your Search options by specifying which fields are visible in each Search Layout.  To do this, the Salesforce Admin should go to the management settings for the specific Object and click Search Layouts.  From here, they will select Edit next to the relevant Layout and add/remove the required items.

End Users can then choose to Show or Hide the filters [1].

With regards to using wildcards when searching, use * to find items that match zero or more characters at the middle or end of your search term and use ?  to find items that match only one character at the middle or end of your search term.

Searching for something in Chatter Feeds can be like looking for a needle in a haystack!  However, Salesforce have come to the rescue by adding fantastic Chatter search functionality!  One option is to use the Global Search Box then click Search Feeds [1].

The next option is to go to the Chatter Feed you want to search (whether on an Object or in a Chatter Group) and click the magnifying icon [1].  Enter your search time then hit Enter and the search results will be displayed right in the Feed!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Back to Basics edition.  Look out for the next Blog of this series titled “An Introduction to Building Reports and Dashboards”.

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