Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards


ZENTASOFT’s business intelligence allows financial institutions to run custom reports on all aspects of the ZENTASOFT Bank Operating System. Dashboards can be set to instantly display everything from loan, deposit and branch information to relationship data. Reports and Dashboards are formatted in visually compelling ways to improve data presentation and acceptance, becoming a central component of the internal omni-view of a financial institution.

Management can easily access and view what is important to them and the institution.

Benefits / Value

ZENTASOFT Reports and Dashboards are crucial components to managing bank operations. ZENTASOFT integrates with the core and other silo’d systems within a financial institution to centralize data and provide enterprise-wide access to that information via detailed reporting. Every aspect of the ZENTASOFT Bank Operating System is touched by reporting, and its value can be measured in important ways.

  • Board and C-Suite: Institutional transparency is achieved for the board, C-suite and executive management. Reports and Dashboards allow financial institutions to use ZENTASOFT as the single source for viewing and managing operations across all lines of business. Financial institutions can effectively address:
»» Resource allocation »» Compliance
»» Sales »» Financial forecasting
»» Financial performance »» Strategic marketing
  • Efficiency: Reports and Dashboards are the catalysts for instilling a culture that pursues efficiency improvements.
  • Productivity: Reports and Dashboards empower the front line with clear and concise pipeline analytics to help drive loan growth and reduce cost allocations.
  • Portfolio and Regulatory Management: ZENTASOFT’s Reports and Dashboards provide transparency to regulators by making data easy to access and allowing financial institutions to monitor metrics such as outstanding portfolio loan levels. The loan level information can be used to manage critical regulatory policies like capital requirements, relationship exposure and policy exceptions. Reports and Dashboards can be used to:
»» Reduce regulatory disruption »» Track and manage loans
»» Monitor regulatory requirements »» Track lending limits by groups or individuals


ZENTASOFT’s point and click reporting tools allow financial institutions to run custom reports instantly and accurately with no frustrating and complicated queries, creating new levels of transparency and increased productivity. The dashboards allow institutions to safely and securely view everything through a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Reports and Dashboards allow financial institutions to manage the business based on what each user, department or institution deems relevant.

  • Deposit Reports / Dashboards: Pull data from the core and other disparate systems to run and manage campaigns around deposit and relationship information.
  • Loan Reports / Dashboards: Easily track and manage loan pipelines across the enterprise. Bring mortgage, consumer and commercial loan data onto a single dashboard.
  • Marketing Reports / Dashboards: Effectively manage marketing dollars through comprehensive reporting on campaigns.
  • Referral Reports / Dashboards: Track leads and referrals to ensure timely responses and action as well as report on lead to close rates.
  • Risk Reports / Dashboards: Track key metrics such as portfolio concentrations, risk grade exposure, relationship exposure and policy/document exceptions. Ensure adherence with internal and external policies.
  • In-Page Charting and Reports: Configure charts and reports based on data from the relationship or loan. The graphic representation of data auto-populates for each new loan or relationship.
  • Geospatial Reports: View collateral, relationship, loan and prospect information in a geographic context.

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