Global Publisher & Quick Actions

Global Publisher & Quick Actions

Global Actions

First of all, why would you create Global Actions for your Users?  Global Actions appear on global pages like the Home Page, Reports, Dashboards and the Chatter tab and these Actions give your Users a quick and easy way to collaborate with their colleagues.  The image below shows the Post, File, Link, Thanks, Question and New Note Actions.

To add Global Actions to your Org, your Salesforce Admin will have to either edit the existing Global Publisher Layout or create a new one.

Tip: as with a lot of the functionality in Salesforce, you can create multiple layouts and assign them to different Profiles.

From the palette, I click on Quick Actions [1] then drag Poll from the palette to the Global Publisher section.  I want Poll to be between the Link and Thanks Actions [2].

Now, when Users are on one of the Global Pages – for example the Home page – they will now see the Poll Action [Note: depending on the order of your Global Actions, your Users may need to click More to see all the Actions available to them].

Salesforce Admin’s are able to create new Global Actions and assign them to Global Publisher Layouts.  To do this, go to Setup / Create / Global Actions / Global Actions then create and assign your new Action.

Quick Actions

In addition to Global Publisher Actions, there is the ability to create Quick Actions for specific Objects.  Quick Actions let Users create records with fewer clicks and fewer fields to complete thus saving them time.  In addition, this will help drive User adoption of Salesforce because as we know, the easier Salesforce is to use, the more usage it gets!  Actions are available in Salesforce desktop and are particularly useful in Salesforce1 because the actions make creating records easy with the simple mobile-optimized interface.


As a Salesforce Admin, I want to end Users to be able to create a Task from a Lead record so they can assign a Task to a colleague in the Lead Management department to ensure the Lead is followed up.  To do this, I go to Setup / Build / Customize / Leads / Buttons, Links, and Actions and click New Action.  In the Action Type field [1] I select Create a Record and select Task as the Target Object [2].

Once I’ve created this new Action, I need to add it to the Page Layout [Setup / Build / Customize / Leads / Page Layouts] and click Edit next to the relevant Page Layout.  In the Quick Actions area in the palette, I drag Task to sit between Log Action and Log Call in the Publisher area [1].

Now, when Users with this Page Layout assigned to their Record Type go to a Lead record, they will see the Task Quick Action in the Publisher bar [1].

As previously mentioned, you can add Actions to Salesforce1.  In Salesforce1, actions appear in the action bar, its associated action menu, and as list-item actions.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Back to Basics edition.  Look out for the next Blog of this series titled “Search Options”.

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