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SuiteCRM Email Setting

1.     Log on to the SuitCRM using Admin Account2.     After login to the SuitCRM click on the Admin menu under the user menu as shown below 3.     After click on the Admin the system will redirect into following screen. 4.     From the Above screen Click on the Email Setting, after click on the Email setting system will redirect into following [...]

Reports and Dashboards

Overview ZENTASOFT’s business intelligence allows financial institutions to run custom reports on all aspects of the ZENTASOFT Bank Operating System. Dashboards can be set to instantly display everything from loan, deposit and branch information to relationship data. Reports and Dashboards are formatted in visually compelling ways to improve data presentation and acceptance, becoming a [...]

Search Options

This article is about Salesforce Search Options. To help you find the information you need as quickly as possible, there are multiple Search options available to you in Salesforce.  The most obvious one is the Global Search Bar which remains visible on every page and record you view. When you type a search term in the Global Search box, all [...]

Global Publisher & Quick Actions

Global Actions First of all, why would you create Global Actions for your Users?  Global Actions appear on global pages like the Home Page, Reports, Dashboards and the Chatter tab and these Actions give your Users a quick and easy way to collaborate with their colleagues.  The image below shows the Post, File, Link, Thanks, [...]

Salesforce Record Merging

This is about merging Account and Contact records for those situations where you have dreaded duplicate records!  This is just one of the options you have to ensure your Org is “healthy” with regards to quality data.  For me, more importantly, good quality data and a single source of truth ensures that users trust [...]

Salesforce Page Layouts

Page layouts control the layout and organization of buttons, fields, s-controls, Visualforce, custom links, and related lists on object record pages. They also help determine which fields are visible, read only, and required. Use page layouts to customize the content of record pages for your users. This article is about Page Layouts and how [...]

This is a standard HTML5 video post

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